Oh, hey there, Pacific Northwest! We’re touring all over you for National Poetry Month.

We’re gonna be little poetry spewing ants, crawling all over Oregon and Washington.

Do help us spread le word about these here shows:

  • Wednesday, April 11th – Last Word Books, Olympia, WA
  • Thursday, April 12th – Meander’s Speakeasy, Seattle, WA
  • Friday, April 13th – Young Spokanites Arts Extravaganza (Address), Spokane, WA
  • Monday, April 16th – Lewis & Clark College, PDX
Oh, and then we’re off to the East Coast as well:
  • Monday, April 30th – Boston University, Boston, MA
So, if you want Mindy Nettifee, Jon Sands, Mike McGee and Brian Ellis to blow out your kneecaps with poetry power, you better see at least one of our shows in your life. If you want us to come your way, tell us where your way is and a good spot for us to make poetry happen.

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By Mighty Mike McGee

I am a poet. I enjoy talking and listening to other mouths and music.

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