Classy, BustedTees. White guy hipster model in a shirt making light of the death toll in Mexico, without any consideration for the journalists there who risk torture and death to share the truth.

Shirt description: “You’ll never want to leave. Or be able to.”

What a CLEVER and FUNNY way to oversimplify and make light of an incredibly complex issue that is actually directly tied to U.S. drug, labor and immigration laws! 

What makes this shirt such a riot is that this guy wearing the shirt would actually never have a problem breezily crossing the border over and over again, as long as he had his U.S. ID. There’s nothing privileged about mocking immigration issues at all!

Here’s another scoop of fun: the person (as an American) wearing the shirt is part of the problem!!! How funny!!! 

I just laugh and laugh when I think about how children living in poverty travel on their own through Mexico in an attempt to find work in the U.S. to support their families. I laugh harder when I think about how many of those children are raped, exploited and murdered in the process. Or how Americans frequently travel to Mexico for affordable health care because the U.S. is a miserable place to be sick without insurance.

But by all means, let’s talk shit about Mexico!! (sarcasm) Because wearing a gun on your shirt is cool!

Look at his face. It’s like “Yeah, I don’t really give a shit about what’s actually going on down there in Tacolandia. Off I go to my tech meetup/band practice! Then maybe I’ll smoke some weed that came from Mexico. I totally don’t get my role in how that plays out and I just don’t care!! Yay, white privilege!!!”

If I saw someone wearing this douchebag couture I would go off on them. I like being confrontational.

BustedTees will never see a drop of my $ and if I find out any of my friends are rockin’ their gear, they are getting a face to face intervention from me.

Point of awareness: Journalist Deborah Bonnello’s Facebook wall.

Thank you for this.

By Mighty Mike McGee

I am a poet and a humorist. I have many siblings, niblings and giblets. I enjoy Scrabble and coercing people to think and laugh.

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