Scooby is a beautiful red pit, just over 1 year old. He is red with some sable markings as well as striking green eyes. He is also at HIGH RISK OF BEING EUTHANIZED if not adopted or fostered SOON because he is suffering kennel frustration. Meaning, he could face death for being an energetic dog that does not like the stress of the shelter. I guarantee he is a WONDERFUL dog who just needs some work in training–if you are looking for a dog for agility, flyball, or possibly even nosework, this is the dog for you.

Scooby is basically a big, energetic puppy. He needs some work on manners, which we, Hard Luck Hounds, will help pay for. We will offer you a $250 voucher for training with a local professional.

Scooby does well outside the shelter, but is very frustrated and stressed here in the shelter. He hates being kenneled all day, and it shows. Please do not let his in-kennel behavior scare you (he jumps all over the place)—he is nothing but friendly with people! He is a real cuddle bug and will try to crawl in your lap. He is a sucker for belly rubs and ear massages! He loves to play and has proven to make a GREAT jogging buddy. He also has a little experience in agility and does well at that, as well. He is SUPER SMART and learns fast on top of being very treat AND toy motivated. He could be a great dog for an active home. See him in action here:

Scooby is HOUSEBROKEN, a people lover, and has been good with most other dogs (if you have other dogs, we would like to do a meet and greet to ensure they get along well). He knows “sit” as well as other basic obedience commands. He is a GOOD BOY who needs a GOOD HOME, preferably one that is comfortable with strong, large, and active dogs. 

Scooby is FREE OF CHARGE, but we will be screening to make sure you are a GOOD home for him.

He comes with:

-All shots
-Training voucher
-Free wellness exam w/a vet
-Lifetime support pre AND post adoption

Scooby is located in Austin, Texas.

Again, TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE. If you can help Scooby either through foster or adoption, please contact David Pasztor at 512-731-1942 ASAP, or contact me here.

Not letting this one go, and I’m not afraid to be obnoxious about it. PLEASE save him. No one has stepped up and he’s first on the list to be euth’d

Hey, Austin, TX… Come get this dog!

By Mighty Mike McGee

I am a poet and a humorist. I have many siblings, niblings and giblets. I enjoy Scrabble and coercing people to think and laugh.

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