No yelling or screaming or blaming or fighting…nothing like the Hollywood portrayals of birth.

“A mother gives birth to her son. This photograph captured a momentous introduction of a mother and baby’s first exchange. The baby is suspended in time, half way inside his mother and the world; being guided out by his mother’s own hands. Photograph was captured by friend and doula of the mother.”

National Geographic Photo Contest, Photo and caption by Tara Garner

My friends are starting a doula collective and I’m so excited about it because they’ll be focusing on birth services for low income people/people of color/teen parents, who otherwise aren’t given time and energy and patience and safe spaces to give birth or advocate for themselves.

So other people who are interested in birth support: please remember that not everyone has access to things like midwives and doulas and just generally safety and autonomy and comfort, and if you are a doula please consider making those communities your focus.

By Mighty Mike McGee

I am a poet and a humorist. I have many siblings, niblings and giblets. I enjoy Scrabble and coercing people to think and laugh.

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