In addition to the salary provided to an emergency manager in a contract approved by the state treasurer …[the] state may receive and distribute private funds to an emergency manager. As used in this subdivision, “private funds” means any money the state receives for the purpose of allocating additional salary to an emergency manager.

So, this is interesting. The state can receive funds from outside groups to augment the EMs paycheck. Why would that be? Well, there’s history of that. Robert Bobb, the EFM/EM of the Detroit Public Schools for a time, received additional salary from several groups and when you see who they were, you can see how nefarious this two-sentence bit buried in this law actually is. From a Forbes piece on this:

The Broad Foundation, along with the Kellogg Foundation, pays Bobb $145,000 a year on top of his $280,000 government salary. For those of you not familiar with Broad, it is one of the leading foundations promoting school choice and privatization across the country. One might almost think that paying a public official hundreds of thousands of dollars a year might amount to nothing short of bribery, especially given the very specific agenda of a foundation like the Broad Foundation.

By Mighty Mike McGee

I am a poet. I enjoy talking and listening to other mouths and music.

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