No, no, no. Nope. No thank you. Forget this art and try again. This is Hallmark hipster graffiti. How would anyone ‘forget how much it hurts and try it again?’ Why would they want to surpass all they’ll learn from that experience? This is misguided bullshit. Adhesive litter. Might as well say, “Pretend it doesn’t hurt and move on.” “Don’t feel what you felt. Rinse. Repeat. Mistake.” I feel for all the folks who will see this type of clichéd “street art” and think it’s good advice because it was drawn well. It feels like it was made for the strict purpose of being reblogged and t-shirted. All I’ve found from this artist is more of this style and I wouldn’t be so critical if it wasn’t so thoroughly wheat-pasted and photographed in such an obvious blitz of self-promotion. I want to compel the creator of this piece to rise above trite, sensitive Twitter-ready catchphrases attached to self-portraits. Please go back to the drawing board and keep trying. And I want to compel others not to reblog this type of work as well. We need to think harder on what we’re promoting. Damb!

By Mighty Mike McGee

I am a poet and a humorist. I have many siblings, niblings and giblets. I enjoy Scrabble and coercing people to think and laugh.

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