yesterday, a facebook page was created titled “The Sluts Of Lorain County” in order to belittle women and teenage girls of Lorain County, Ohio. within less than 24 hours this page has gained nearly 4,000 likes and the number is growing. these pictures are being posted without these girls’ consent, and many people are identifying these girls in the comment sections by tagging them. some of these girls are as young as freshman in high school. this is both disgusting and dangerous. many of the pictures posted are just girls in halloween costumes, or in bikinis at the beach. like, excuse a girl for not wearing her fucking sweatsuit to the beach. not only is this slut-shaming and sexist, but it’s also a large form of cyber-bullying and harassment. are there any guys’ pictures posted on this page? of course not. when one woman reported the page, Facebook responded:

“Thank you for taking the time to report something that you feel may violate our Community Standards. Reports like yours are an important part of making Facebook a safe and welcoming environment. We reviewed the page you reported for harassment and found it doesn’t violate our community standard on bullying and harassment.”

okay, Facebook. please explain to me what the fuck your “community standard on bullying and harassment" is then. maybe you should rethink and rewrite your standards, because i’m certain that posting pictures of people without their consent in order to accuse them of being promiscuous is, in fact, both bullying and harassment.

so please, SIGNAL BOOST AND REPORT. hell, contact Facebook directly and help them to rethink their standards. it’s fucking bullshit the way someone is treated for dressing how they want (especially when it’s for an occasion i.e. homecoming, halloween, swimming, etc.) and no one should have to be subject to slut shaming and bullying.

And people ask me why I left that area. Jesus. Also, WTF Facebook.

By Mighty Mike McGee

I am a poet and a humorist. I have many siblings, niblings and giblets. I enjoy Scrabble and coercing people to think and laugh.

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