To all my followers of Pinoy-Culture, my kabayans outside the Philippines and even those in the Philippines who weren’t hit as hard as in the Visayas, who are watching everything going on, hearing everything going on, whether it’s through Philippines or International media, or through our own families, with some of us still trying to get in contact with families, I ask you to help and donate in a time of calamity. 

Typhoon Yolanda, or Haiyan known internationally, has gone but the damage and causalities will still continue to rise as rain still covers the region and landslides are predicted to happen in some places. By now I am pretty sure most of you have seen images or videos of how the Visayan region has been battered and in ruin, especially in Leyte, Samar, & Panay islands where Yolanda first hit landfall and continued on from island to island on its devastating path.

Our families, friends, our kababayans, our loved ones, have died, have been injured, are in desperate need of clothing, food, clean water, and shelter. Relief efforts are currently underway with the help of the Philippine government, our allies, and the international community. With  no communication working in the region, people trying to do everything they can to continue surviving, and people trying to rebuild our communities after the storm, any donations are humbly accepted.

Right now the official death toll is 1,744 as of today, but many more have still yet to be taken into account and with the weather hampering the count and rescue efforts still underway we still don’t know how many have died, but there is an estimate of 10,000 people in Leyte alone.

If you want to help and donate and know your money is going directly to the people who are effected and need it the most, unlike organizations such as the Red Cross which though it does help, the money you donate doesn’t guarantee it will go for the reason and people you are donating but as a general donation. If you want to donate to an organization that does directly work with the people who are effected NAFCON-USA (National Allicance for Filipino Concerns) is an organization with chapters across the U.S. who work with our Filipin@ communities especially to the poorest and most vulnerable communities.

All donations through NAFCON are monetary donation which are sent directly to Bayanihan Alay sa Sambayanan or BALSA (People’s Cooperation for the People), a national grassroots relief and rehabilitation organization composed of broad church-based organizations, schools, disaster response NGOs, and individuals, working with victims of disasters in the Philippines.

The organization which has been hardly working with volunteers and with the well known activist youth group, Anakbayan, has raised $46,586 as of a couple of hours ago and still continues to raise funds from our local Filipin@ communities and others.

For more information and where to donate visit the link below and for phone numbers and emails throughout the U.S. in your region, for the coordinators.

The Official NAFACONUSA site.


NAFCON Mailing Address: Attn: NAFCON-USA, 4681 Mission St., San Francisco, CA 94112

NATIONAL: Terrence Valen (President);; (415) 333–6267

NORTHWEST: Freedom Siyam;; (206) 659–1896

NORTHERN CALIFORNIA: Ryan Leano;;  (626) 534-4971

SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA: Alex Montances;; (253) 381–7444

MIDWEST: Nerissa Allegretti;; (224) 381–6888

EAST COAST: Michelle Saulon;; (650) 808–5043

See also: Anakbayan-USA’s Disaster by Design: How the Natural Disasters in the Philippines are Worsened

By Mighty Mike McGee

I am a poet. I enjoy talking and listening to other mouths and music.

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