New Album Update!

I should have known in November that selecting a near Xmas release date for my new album Harmony wouldn’t be as harmonious as I’d hoped. With too much to do, a California visit, and a new job to boot, I had to shelve the recording process for a few weeks.

I apologize to those still waiting on the album. It is coming!

Another obstacle, and the most unexpected one to boot, was the loss of recording space due to ambient sound issues. I had originally thought the solitude of my bathroom would suffice for recording, however, the sound of water rushing through pipes in my old building was clear and ever-present.

I began to worry about finding a space filled with PURE SILENCE in order to create an album of PURE VOICE. I spent weeks investigating other methods and space.

Then it hit me: I wouldn’t buy the album I’d envisioned. I am not in any way interested in making an album that focuses entirely on my voice. So why am I worried about noise? I love noise. Why should I fight against ambient sounds? I am a poet who lives downtown and on the road.

This album has the opportunity to sound like the places the poems came from.

So I am making an album on location. Harmony is about me and you and place.

I have been carefully considering how and where and why I am recording this. It’s becoming a very neat project. So far, I have recorded most of the tracks outdoors and it sounds great.

I truly believe this could be my best album to date.

I have moved the release to March 3, 2014. The release will come with a digital chapbook of all the poems/stories featured.

The pre-order price will remain $5 until the day of release.

Anyone who pre-ordered via mail or PayPal before Xmas will receive their download codes on the day of release.

I just want this to be as great as I can make it.

I will tour throughout the spring and into the summer. Lots of shows coming up!

By Mighty Mike McGee

I am a poet and a humorist. I have many siblings, niblings and giblets. I enjoy Scrabble and coercing people to think and laugh.

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