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Oversocial: A Podcast

Hey, folks!

I’ve launched Oversocial, a podcast where I talk one-on-one with family, friends, foes and folks about what it means to be family, friends, foes and even strangers all over again. We dig into relationships and life.

I’ve been working on this project for quite sometime and had initially wanted to launch it in the spring of 2020, but as you will hear, the podcast really does demand in person dialogue.

The first two episodes are up, I will post new episodes to my Patreon on Thursdays, then on the following Mondays on Spotify, Google and Apple Podcasts.

Let me know what you think!

Love, MMM

By Mighty Mike McGee

I am a poet and a humorist from San José, California. I have many siblings, niblings and giblets. I enjoy Scrabble and coercing people to think and laugh. Soup saves lives.

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