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IMAGE | Tim “Toaster” Henderson, Minneapolis, MN

9:11pm. November 24, 2015. Minneapolis, MN.

Tim Toaster Henderson (@toastersmodernlife) performs perfectly balanced poetry set at SlamMN. Toaster is one of those performers who seems to effortlessly take the stage for a warm city, braving the cold. His words were clearly infused with the feeling of the day and all that came with marching to city hall. Tired, but woke. #poetsinbw #blacklivesmatter (at Kieran’s Irish Pub)

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IMAGE | Late Night Convo, Manchester, NH, 2015

Late night conversation is one of my favorite elements of life. It also makes touring feel less chaotic. I live for it. Being invited to talk to an audience, then to crash at someone’s house is a real honor. Then to experience their life in their space on top of that is extraordinary. E. came home from work exhausted, ready for bed, but not until we had a good chat. I had to take this while E. was talking because it captured so much of how I would describe being a welcome guest in someone’s home. Plus, Emily and E.T. are good conversationalists. (at Manchester, New Hampshire)

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Aw yiss! #dresden #germany #artist #poetryslam #ohetryslam

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The True Santa Clause

I am leaving my stocking up all year in case Santa comes by unexpected. He’s like a vampire; dude can’t enter a home unless he’s got treats.

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beard + art = beart

You know it’s time for a trim when while you are reading the internets, you look down at your bowl of soup to see your beard sitting in it. I realize now that the seemingly “painted on soup” shirt stains I’ve been getting have been done by the artist that is my chin with its little beardly brushes. I should paint little cards with my beard and sell them online.

I can picture them in a gallery now…

Though, I should probably switch to watercolors.


IMAGE | Sandwich Shop Mural, Oakland, CA

Don’t mind if I do! (Photo taken by me in Oakland, California; June 2011)


IMAGE | Dear Electric Pole, Portland, OR

Portland, Oregon—January 2012.