Go Go Gone Show

Your hosts who boast the most roast and toast!

Who What When Where and Why

Go Go Gone Show TBA, 8:30pm
Mama Kin
374 S First Street
San José, California
(408) 664-9303
$5 at the door

Show Info, Format & Rules

Go Go Gone Show is a free, fun, merciless talent contest with audience participation held at Mama Kin in downtown San Jose. Hosted by goners Mighty Mike McGee, Tom the Timelord and pianist Peter Colclasure. All styles and talents are welcome. Historically, our grand prize has been $50 in quarters… in a sock. We cover all your laundromat/arcade needs!

Mama Kin is at 374 S First Street, San Jose, California 95112. Free parking on the street after 6pm or $5 flat rate at ParkSJ garage at 3rd & San Carlos behind FedEx Office.

Performer! Sign-up with Mighty Mike McGee in person at 7:30pm. Show begins around 8pm.

Anything goes! Performers get up to 3min 33sec to compete using whatever entertaining talent or skill they have to get the highest score possible from the judges. Our panel of judges are made up of of three local “celebrities” selected by Mighty Mike. From the judges couch on stage, they score each performance fairly and from the gut. Next to the couch on stage is a large gong. If and when an act is unfavorable to a judge (and only a judge!) they may strike the gong with the mallet, thus signifying the end of the performance and the disqualification of the performer for the night. The hosts will usually ask the performer to return next month to try again.

While Piano Peter plays between acts, throughout the night, Tom the Timelord keeps his eye on the stopwatch and his whistle wet so that when the 3:33 mark arrives, he can let loose on the performer, letting them know they must stop their performance and receive their score. No one is ever disqualified based on time.

Comedian Andrew Orolfo offers the crowd his best jokes at one of the earliest Gone Shows. You can tell based on presence of Tom as one of the judges, pre-Timelord. Circa 2016.

The audience can also attempt to influence the judges if they find the act to be mediocre or boring by chanting GO! GO! GO!

IF our three ”celebrity” judges like the performance, they will give it a score from 0 to 10. If they don’t like it, the performer gets the gong. 

NOTE: Our hosts Mighty Mike, Tom the Timelord and Piano Pete all have one gold token that can only be used once (each) per show. This token can change any single judge’s score to whatever they want.

The performer with the highest score wins the grand prize of a sock full of $50 in quarters, bragging rights, and undying gratitude of the entire city of San Jose!

Our Founder

“This is the greatest show I have ever seen.”

Mighty Mike McGee