9:11pm. November 24, 2015. Minneapolis, MN.

Tim Toaster Henderson (@toastersmodernlife) performs perfectly balanced poetry set at SlamMN. Toaster is one of those performers who seems to effortlessly take the stage for a warm city, braving the cold. His words were clearly infused with the feeling of the day and all that came with marching to city hall. Tired, but woke. #poetsinbw #blacklivesmatter (at Kieran’s Irish Pub)

4:10pm. November 24, 2015. Minneapolis, MN.

Melinda Lee (@melindalee618) and I munching on Chex Mix and marching for Jamar Clark. Melinda and I were roommates in Worcester almost randomly, and now we’re family forever. I love them with all my heart. They are an incredible artist. #poetsinbw (at Radisson Blu Minneapolis Downtown)