These are poems written by me. If you intend to share these, please give full credit to Mighty Mike McGee.

  1. A Conspiracy of Clocks: An Ode to the Seemingly Useless and Certainly Mundane Biannual Task of Resetting Clocks
  2. With Love
  3. Draft #1 of 1,000
  4. Under The Streetlight
  5. Things One Should NOT Do After A Drunken Dance Party
  6. Flailing Chaos (For My Mom)
  7. The Hell
  8. Widespread Orchestra
  9. static
  10. 50 Words on the Orchestra of Human Sound
  11. My first performance poem: Renaissance Revolutionist’s Plea
  12. Open Letter to Neil Armstrong
  13. Ode to the Delightful Hearts of the Valley
  14. My Immortal Beloved
  15. Things One Should Not Do After A Drunken Dance Party
  16. Loss
  17. The Push
  18. Soul Food: A Duel with Death at Lunchtime
  19. Santa Claus In Training
  20. Search Party