Prompt & Poem: I, Earth: Part I

My friend and fellow poet Denise Jolly (@djolly6) held a writing workshop here in Portland recently while on tour. Everyone who attended produced some great work from her elegantly simple prompt:

If ________ could speak, it might say…

UPDATE: Please visit Denise at

And here’s what it spawned from me–a serial poem in progress.

I, Earth: Part I
Opening Statements

Had I known that
by changing myself
from within that
it would lend to
human separation,
division and strife
I would have done
it much sooner.

I move because
I want to and, moreso,
because I need to.
Like so many creatures,
at my core is a heart
so violent that it is
constantly trying
to destroy itself

We’re not that
different. But we
are not one. The
first glaring difference
between us is that
I never needed you
to be here.

Mike McGee


Can’t remember where I found this, but I dig the sentiment.