Remembering Jack McCarthy


More on Jack McCarthy, this time for I wanted to focus in on what he meant to this community.

As usual, Victor—thank you, thank you, thank you.

Remembering Jack McCarthy


#WordPlay is an amazing #Vancouver, BC-based poets-in-schools program through Vancouver Poetry House. I love these guys—they are amazing. They need our help with a little bit of funding:

Please help spread this around.


Kai Davis be strugglin’


I’m raising $250 to publish my first book of poetry. It will be titled Music and Marrow. I don’t want to give away much more than that.

I just think it’s about goddamn time I published something

I put a give button at the bottom of my page.

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Brusque Magazine: First Issue Launch: August 2012


Featuring poetry from: Leah Silvieus, Kylan Rice, Jess Dimond, Benjamin Clark, Colin Winnette, Doug Paul Case, and Michael J. Alleman

After many late nights reading submissions, a pocketful of hate mail, and a little editorial magic, I am proud to announce the release of the first…

Brusque Magazine: First Issue Launch: August 2012


Prompt & Poem: I, Earth: Part I

My friend and fellow poet Denise Jolly (@djolly6) held a writing workshop here in Portland recently while on tour. Everyone who attended produced some great work from her elegantly simple prompt:

If ________ could speak, it might say…

UPDATE: Please visit Denise at

And here’s what it spawned from me–a serial poem in progress.

I, Earth: Part I
Opening Statements

Had I known that
by changing myself
from within that
it would lend to
human separation,
division and strife
I would have done
it much sooner.

I move because
I want to and, moreso,
because I need to.
Like so many creatures,
at my core is a heart
so violent that it is
constantly trying
to destroy itself

We’re not that
different. But we
are not one. The
first glaring difference
between us is that
I never needed you
to be here.

Mike McGee


Canadian Indie Slam Final Tonight! #VIPF

The Finalists for the 2nd Annual Canadian Individual Poetry Slam Championship happening TONIGHT! Saturday April 28th at The Rio Theatre, are

RC Weslowski
Winona Linn
Alessandra Nacaratto
Ryan Thom
Jen Kunlire
Colin Matty
Matthew Christopher Davidson

Lots of skilled performers in this list. It’s going to be incredible. I am pretty stoked.