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POEM | A Conspiracy of Clocks

A Conspiracy of Clocks: An Ode to the Seemingly Useless and Certainly Mundane Biannual Task of Resetting Clocks

It would be so much easier if you got rid of us
It’s funny how you only get to change us twice a year
running around the house setting us back
or forward
usually wrong
but what’s a few human minutes or seconds off
that sub-sub-level of arbitrary we don’t really have time to get into right now
yet, we’re always changing you
you chase us
we change everything
We’re there for everything you’re waiting for


even cats and lizards put waiting on pause to soak up the sun
and lick their lips
you program your phone so it can program you according to a schedule you agree to
set by the sun
a ball of fire too busy to notice you even exist
but we notice, Mike
we notice
and every time you fall asleep
we look at each other across the room and laugh
we laugh so much
that we lose track of time

© 2020 Mighty Mike McGee



Oh, hey there, Pacific Northwest! We’re touring all over you for National Poetry Month.

We’re gonna be little poetry spewing ants, crawling all over Oregon and Washington.

Do help us spread le word about these here shows:

  • Wednesday, April 11th – Last Word Books, Olympia, WA
  • Thursday, April 12th – Meander’s Speakeasy, Seattle, WA
  • Friday, April 13th – Young Spokanites Arts Extravaganza (Address), Spokane, WA
  • Monday, April 16th – Lewis & Clark College, PDX
Oh, and then we’re off to the East Coast as well:
  • Monday, April 30th – Boston University, Boston, MA
So, if you want Mindy Nettifee, Jon Sands, Mike McGee and Brian Ellis to blow out your kneecaps with poetry power, you better see at least one of our shows in your life. If you want us to come your way, tell us where your way is and a good spot for us to make poetry happen.

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