Main Entry: fun-cle
Pronunciation: fun- kul
Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): fun-cle
Etymology: Modern Pop-Culture English, adjoining of fun and uncle, from Modern English fun and uncle; the fun uncle, first used by “Mighty” Mike McGee
Date: 20th century

1 : the male family member most liked by the offspring of his sibling(s); usually due to their generosity and or easy-going nature. The fun uncle.


Ghandi’s Seven Dangers To Human Virtue

1. Wealth without work.
2. Pleasure without conscience.
3. Knowledge without character.
4. Business without ethics.
5. Science without humanity.
6. Religion without sacrifice.
7. Politics without principle.


Cliff Notes #6 (Comic Strip)

Cliff Notes #6


Prompt & Poem: I, Earth: Part I

My friend and fellow poet Denise Jolly (@djolly6) held a writing workshop here in Portland recently while on tour. Everyone who attended produced some great work from her elegantly simple prompt:

If ________ could speak, it might say…

UPDATE: Please visit Denise at

And here’s what it spawned from me–a serial poem in progress.

I, Earth: Part I
Opening Statements

Had I known that
by changing myself
from within that
it would lend to
human separation,
division and strife
I would have done
it much sooner.

I move because
I want to and, moreso,
because I need to.
Like so many creatures,
at my core is a heart
so violent that it is
constantly trying
to destroy itself

We’re not that
different. But we
are not one. The
first glaring difference
between us is that
I never needed you
to be here.

Mike McGee


Layers of Win: #PDX, #Writing & #Scrabble

PDX Notebook


Antarctica is Awesome!

I have been fascinated of late with the continental no man’s “land” of Antarctica. It occurred to me that it would technically encompass all Earthly time zones and being that it experiences extreme day-night cycles, it has no real need for daylight savings time being the sun sticks around all summer. This made me ponder Antarctica much further…


The coldest temperature recorded was −89.2 °C (−128.6 °F) at Vostok Station (Russia) on 1983-07-21 (winter)

Warmest temperature recorded was 14.6 °C (59 °F) at Vanda Station (defunct) on 1974-01-05 (summer)

“…the population doing and supporting science or engaged in the management and protection of the Antarctic region varies from approximately 4,400 in summer to 1,100 in winter; in addition, approximately 1,000 personnel, including ship’s crew and scientists doing onboard research, are present in the waters of the treaty region; peak summer (December-February) population – 4,490 total” (


Time In Antarctica


Current weather

Amazing information on Russia’s Vostok Station (I’d snoop around the site for other stations as well.)

Thanks for reading!


Lost & Found

The awful grammar AND the crudeness of the drawing forced to me to love this, capture it and share. I found it in an airport bathroom. I am confident that this was done by an adult who was intelligent enough to buy a plane ticket and get through security.


Poet Denise Jolly (@djolly6) Comes To #PDX This Weekend For Two Events

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Awkward Open mic featuring Bay Area poet Denise Jolly.

The evening will open with a short open mic, then we’ll let Denise wow us with her fabulousness, followed by a Mad Lib Slam. The winner of this slam will take home $50! Mad Libs will be provided and all you have to do is make them awesome!

14 Northeast Killingsworth Street  Portland, OR 97217

(503) 232-6003

The show is all ages.

Suggested donations: $1—10

Doors will open at 6:30pm, open mic at 7:00pm.

Hope to see all of your beautiful faces!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Garden Party Workshop Facilitated by Denise Jolly

Bring your cups and your forks! Pens and paper will be provided. In the back yard of City Farm we’ll be hosting a one of a kind writing workshop: food on the grill, veggies out of the garden, and fresh lemonade by the Garden.

Behind City Farm (7636 North Lombard Street  Portland, OR 97203)

All ages. No cover. (But we’ll gladly accept donations for Mz. Jolly!)

Contact Aleks to RSVP:

Note: This event is “Bring-Your-Own-Booze-and-Meat” as they will not be provided.

Get to know our touring guest poet:

Denise Jolly is a member of Salt Lines Spoken Word Collective, has served as Executive Director of Seattle Youth Speaks, co-host and facilitator of the Seattle Poetry Slam, Poetry Curator for The Round (a live multidisciplinary collaborative arts show), Eleventh Hour Productions Board of Directors and Vice President of Stronghold Productions. Denise was the 2009 San Francisco Grand Slam Champion and member of the 2009 San Francisco Slam team who ranked 3rd in the nation. She has performed, taught, and/or collaborated in venues as large as Coachella and as small as Cook County Detention Center, Cleveland High School, and Seattle Youth Speaks writing circle. She likes doing great things with amazing people and being moved by art, community and how the two work together.“


“Mighty” Mike McGee’s Live Performances In The Bay Area This Week

Beginning tonight at my favorite coffee shop, I have four shows this week throughout Silicon Valley, Berkeley and Oakland:

Help me spread the word and draw people to these venues via your favorite social outlets!


Because The World Needs This “Comic Strip”

I made this based on a random “game” recently invented by Brian S. Ellis, Ansel Appelton, Johnny No Bueno and myself in Portland.

You are all welcome.

Love, ememem