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I love to perform live and in person. It pleases me to announce some live events for you to add to your calendar.

Vancouver Poetry Slam featuring Mighty Mike McGee
Mon, May 23, 7:30pm
Slice Next Door, Vancouver, BC
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In person and online! This is probably my 303rd show EVER in Vancouver, BC. There are two cities I have performed in the most: My hometown of San José and my home-away-from-hometown of East Van. The first time I performed there in April 2002 (20 years ago!) was my first time out of the States and I fell in love immediately. That’s an understatement—I fell in life with Vancouver. I have never felt more consistently understood by audiences than in that great Southwestern Canada Beacon by the Sea.


VIDEO | RC Weslowski Performing “My Soft Response To The Wars”

RC WeslowskiMy Soft Response To The Wars

One of my most favorite spoken word pieces of all time from my favorite spoken word artist of all time.